Riviera – Movies with Style

Most movie theatres in Helsinki are the same: rather modern, good video and audio quality, 100 to 600 seats, same popcorns and same candies – all hosted by Finnkino. An average Helsinki movie theatre is located either in central place in the city or in a shopping centre.

And then there’s Riviera. Riviera is a small 50-seat movie theatre in Kallio, the former working class neighbourhood. Correction: Riviera is not only a movie theatre, it’s also a bar including the coolest terrace in Kallio, where you can sit and enjoy drinks even though you’d have no intention of going to movies.

To put it short: Riviera is what movie theatres should be. There is a bar which serves cocktails, wine and beer throughout the movie. The bar also serves snacks, like tapas, nachos and spring rolls. There are red velvet sofas and armchairs. There is a small table next to your armchair for you to rest your glass. No advertisement in the beginning, only trailers.

Riviera shows both new and classic movies. For example, yesterday I went to see Whitney on the Finnish premiere night – and after Whitney they showed Jaws which falls into the category of the classics.

They say the Riviera bar takes inspiration from the movies. I didn’t dare to ask what would be the Whitney-inspired cocktail, so I chose a glass of Riesling. Which was perfect.


Harjukatu 2, 00500 Helsinki

Closest metro station: Sörnäinen
Closest city bike station: Sörnäisten metroasema (one block away)

2 thoughts on “Riviera – Movies with Style

  1. Maxim, Finland’s oldest cinema, is also pretty nice even though it is run by Finnkino. It reopened in February. The traditional art house cinema has been completely renovated according to old traditions and architecture. And it is possible to enjoy a glass of wine or beer while watching a movie too.


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