Everyone’s rights

Fungo porcino

In Finland everyone can just go to forest and enjoy the nature for free, without a permission, regardless of who owns the land. This is called everyone’s right and it applies in vast majority of the forests, excluding conservation areas. The rights come with responsibility: so you should respect the nature and not cause harm with your actions.

Everyone’s rights allows you to walk, ski, cycle or ride in nature – in forests, meadows, lakes and seas. You can pick berries and mushrooms. You can stay for a night in the nature, just don’t set your tent right next to someone’s backyard. You can row a boat, swim and walk, ski or skate on the ice.

There are limitations too: You’re not allowed to go to someones yard, plantations or fields. You’re not allowed to make fire. You’re not allowed to harm or collect trees or branches, nor moss. You’re not allowed to drive around with motor vehicles. And of course, you’re not allowed to litter, to harm animals, to hunt, nor to let your dog run free.


Now is the perfect time to get yourself into forest and do some not hunting but gathering. The berry season was light due to the hot and dry summer, but the mushroom season is on and rolling! If you’re visiting Finland right at this moment, go and join for example a local Facebook group and ask for a local if someone could take you to forest for a little mushroom hunt. There are two rules of thumb in mushroom hunt: 1) get to know the poisonous mushroom 2) pick only the mushroom you know.

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