Mustikkamaa – Blueberry Land

Mustikkamaa, Blueberry Land, is a small island East of Helsinki. An elegant bridge called Isoisän silta, Grandpa’s Bridge, leads to a versatile recreational area with plenty of outdoor activities:

  • Running: The perimeter of Mustikkamaa island is about 2,5 km, so it makes a nice 2,5 km / 5 km / 7,5 km running path depending on your shape and preference.
  • Swimming: One of the public beaches of Helsinki is located in Mustikkamaa. Sand, gentle cliffs, ice-cream booth, sun throughout the day and shade provided by the trees make Mustikkamaa a wonderful spot on a sunny day.
  • Climbing in trees: Adventure/amusement park Korkee hosts 10 rope paths for grown-ups and 3 for kids.

  • Outdoor theatre: Every summer Ylioppilasteatteri (student theatre) prepares a piece of drama and plays it in Mustikkamaa outdoor theatre. The spectacle is usually in Finnish, but the theatre as a facility is pretty impressive – a stage and a stand surrounded by forest – so the facility might be worth checking out even though your language skills were a bit limited for the act.
  • Edible garden: Right next to the gate of Korkeasaari Zoo there is a garden that is open for all. You can pick berries and veggies for free, but it’s polite to do some gardening work in return.
  • Ad-hoc picnic: Pick a take-away pizza from Trattoria Presto (right next to Grandpa’s Bridge on Kalasatama side), walk across the Grandpa’s Bridge and have a picnic on the cliffs.

Despite all the activities, the loveliest thing to do on Mustikkamaa is smooching on the cliffs on a warm summer night and look at the city silhouette. In the evening time Mustikkamaa is a place of lovebirds.

Closest metro stations: Kalasatama or Kulosaari
Closest city bike station: Isoisän silta



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