Long Drink

I’ve already embraced some of the legacy of the olympic games that are still here with us, such as the Swimming Stadium or the neighbourhood of Käpylä. Let’s continue with one more piece of heritage from the 1952 Helsinki summer olympics: Long Drink.

Helsinki Olympics Long Drinks were mixed drinks launched to refresh tourists – and maybe the athletes too, after their sports achievements. There were two options: Gin Long Drink and Brandy Long Drink. The Gin Long Drink consisted of Gin and Grapefruit soda, and the Brandy version was made of Jaloviina (local brandy brand) and Pommac (soda of mixed fruits). Gin Long Drink has continued its life throughout the decades, and it’s nowadays the single most popular item in the shelf of Alko, the Finnish booze monopoly.

Gin Long Drink, Lonkero, is a perfect summer drink. It’s more easy going than the hoppy craft beers and not as sweet as cider. And because of the easy going character of Lonkero, it’s also a popular hangover drink to start the second day party with. I recommend trying out this grey concrete water on a sunny terrace. Kippis!

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