A week ago we bought one awesome piece of art: Ukkeli Cake by Teemu Keisteri, also known as Ukkeli Keisteri. Ukkeli Keisteri is Keisteri’s alter ego of paintings. If you happen to be around during one of his pop-up exhibition, you can get yourself a unique hand-painted fake Marimekko bag. Fake Marimekko bag is handy even as a souvenir, because a painting might be hard to carry home. On the other hand, Ukkeli Keisteri promises free home delivery…

And that’s not all. Keisteri is also a famous DJ, Windows 95 Man. Windows 95 Man is so much crazy bubbly fun – the songs he plays leaves no-one grumpy, and he always gives that little extra input to build the party atmosphere. He can even make pool party work in October.

But that’s not all, folks. He is also performing in a band called Peu, which plays Italo disco and synth pop.

You may spot one of his alter egos in Kalleria Gallery, or in events like Helsinki Pride or Flow Festival. If you spot him, don’t miss the opportunity.

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