Lovely Café: Ihana Kahvila

One of the hidden gems of Helsinki is Ihana Kahvila – a guerrilla style café built in a container. Ihana Kahvila translates to Lovely Café, and that’s exactly what it is on a sunny day with hammocks, beanbags and the richest view to downtown Helsinki.

Ihana Kahvila is located 1 km from Kalasatama metro station. You’ll need to pass by the construction site, but don’t give up, the oasis in the middle of an old harbour waste land will reward you with coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, sandwiches and choco-coco vegan balls.

Ihana Kahvila is open from early June throughout the summer on Tue-Sun 10-19 (weather reservation). Dogs are welcome.

Ihana Kahvila
Sompasaari, Nihtikuja, 00580 Helsinki
1 km from Kalasatama metro station



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