Duvet cover with detail

Staying in Airbnb gives you a full body experience on how people sleep, while a fluffy hotel bed won’t give you the insight.

The bedding stock of a Finnish household consists of regular bottom sheets, pillow cases and – duvet covers. Yup, we don’t do top sheets, we prefer to hide our blankets into duvet covers.

There is a niche of videos in youtube dedicated to share hints and tips on how to keep the blanket in place in a duvet cover, as the blanket always seems to slip out from the corners of the cover. The videos propose all kinds of strings and clips and whatnot to solve the challenge of a slipping blanket.

Well, some people just enjoy playing around with strings and clips in their bed – and who am I to judge them – but there is a brilliant, simple solution to keep the blanket in position in the duvet cover: corner holes.

Ikea (Swedish) duvet covers have continuous seams on the sides from tip to toe, no holes in the corners. But the seams of a Finnish duvet cover are not sewn all the way up, as there are 10 cm openings in the top corners. The open corners make it easier to place the blanket in, and to prevent the blanket from running away into a lump in the center of the duvet cover.

If you’re after a design souvenir, check out the bed linen of Marimekko or Finlayson.


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