The first and the last cathedral


This is a travel blog. A travel blog about Helsinki – the coolest, coldest and corkiest capital in the Nordics. At least for those who have already seen Stockholm and Copenhagen.

But this blog is not about seeing Helsinki. It’s about doing Helsinki, like the locals do.

This is the first and the last tourist catalog image of Helsinki Cathedral you will see in this blog. Locals don’t go to cathedrals, so why the hell would we recommend the cathedral to those who visit Helsinki?

My name is Katri. I live in Helsinki, and I’m going to spend my vacation 2018 in Helsinki. I’m a 30 something (i.e. closer to 40) engineer and IT consultant. I’m a late wannabe hipster whose roots are on the countryside. The cool side of me enjoys artisan ice-cream and local craft beer, but the uncool and ordinary side of me does her bulk grocery shopping in Alepa and flashes the green membership card to collect bonuses.

You are welcome to enjoy my staycation in Helsinki!



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