Temple of Lemminkäinen


Lemminkäinen is one of the main characters in the Finnish sagas of Kalevala. Today Kalevala is an endless source of wisdoms for modern occultists.

Ior Bock (1942-2010) was a tour guide, mythologist and eccentric. He believed that the real North Pole is located in Helsinki, and is connected to an eternal temple of Lemminkäinen. So Bock managed to collect some money, also from the respectful  corporations, and he started a construction project to clean the entrance of the temple. Which locates in Sipoo, according to a saga.

The temple of Lemminkäinen in Gumbostrand, Sipoo is an excellent spot for someone who likes cycling – with pedal or motor bike. 30 km from Helsinki city center, so it makes 60 km altogether. If you want to snip out 15 km a leg, you can take a metro to Itäkeskus (it’s ok to take your bike into metro outside the rush hours) and start your pedal journey from Itäkeskus.

The way to temple represents typical countryside landscape, and the last 5 kilometres in Gumbostrand are breathtakingly beautiful.


My approach to cycling is chill. I prefer 50-60 km trips on cyclocross and I love to take pit stops with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. N’avetta is an excellent place to take a chill coffee break on the way to temple. Home-baked pistachio bun is their speciality.


Temple of Lemminkäinen
Vainuddintie, Sipoo
30 km from the city center, 15 km from Itäkeskus metro station

N’avetta Café & Bakery
Katajakalliontie 2, Sipoo
25 km from the city center, 10 km from Itäkeskus metro station


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